Our story


In the heart of Zürich, back in 2018
Four friends set out, their spirits pristine,
Jann, Nico, Paul, and Robin, their claim to fame,
Jass was the name, that set their hearts aflame.

A Swiss card game with strategies profound,
Jass was a puzzle where skill would astound.
Its history rich, a tradition so old,
In the tapestry of time, its stories unfold.


Through countless hands and tricks they'd wade,
Four friends together, their bond never to fade.
In Jass's embrace, their laughter would soar,
A friendship forged, forever they'd explore.

With Nico's cunning and Jann's eagle eye,
Paul's bold gambits, and Robin, oh so sly,
Each round a journey, an adventure to seize,
Their joy in each card, their spirits at ease.


Season after season, they'd aim for the prize,
The Jass trophy gleaming, a coveted prize.
Intense competition, their spirits unwavering,
With every hand played, their resolve unshaking.

In Zurich's twilight, they'd gather to vie,
Underneath the beauty, of the starlit Swiss sky.
Four players, competing, yet always a team,
In the world of Jass, forever chasing their dream.

Meet the Jassbrüder


Our Current Champion: Jann

The Tactician

Jann delves into theory books and diligently applies the intricate rules of jass to maximize their gains. Despite a rocky start, he persevered and is now the reigning champion, a testament to his dedication and calculated approach. As the current champion, Jann has the honor of holding up to our beloved trophy, for now, as the battle for the win keeps on raging...



The Thinker

Nico takes his time with each move, much to the occasional frustration of his companions. However, his thoughtful approach sems to pay off. With the most championships under his belt, Nico's methodical style has proven to be a winning formula, showcasing that sometimes, slow and steady truly does win the race in the world of jass



The Orchestrator

Paul approaches Jass as he does life: determined and charismatic, he let's action speak, not words. While the tactitian reads, the thinker dreams and the unpredictable surprises, the Orchestrator executes. His impact reaches far beyond the jass-carpet, being the nucleus of the group, Paul radiates a sense of unity and purpose. But the question that lingers is, why doesn't he win more often? Is it just luck or something else?



The Unpredictable

With a penchant for unconventional moves, Robin frequently surprises his fellow players. While these maneuvers can sometimes hold tremendous potential, they often leave his partner scratching their heads, unsure of how to respond to his audacious plays. Could a more traditional style bring him the success he so desires? Only time will tell